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Interrobang sounds like a pornographic police drama, but grammatically, it is a question mark followed by and exclamation point, or vice versa. It’s like asking a question with excitement or disbelief. It’s like shouting rhetoric to someone who can’t answer you. It’s the inquisitive nature of an eager child.

“Interrobang”, the album, sounds like juxtaposing ideas and genres that dovetail easily into one another. It is the journey of every person in his or her late twenties. The overall theme is about the growth process. How do you socialize like those around you while maturing into the adult you were meant to become? When do “one-night stands” end and real relationships begin? How do you deal with the crushing weight of responsibility when you’re still hung-over? When does it get easier?

All these questions won’t be answered by purchasing this record, so please do not sue us for any emotional damage you may incur while listening to this album.


released January 1, 2015

Vocals: Daniel Madero, Daniel Cortes
Guitars: Mike Patak Jr., Daniel Cortes
Bass: Josh Moody
Drums: Andrew Chenault
Keys: Daniel Madero

Recorded by: Mike Patak Jr.
Mixed & Mastered by: Jordan Freshour

Album Art: Josh Moody



all rights reserved


Grenades!? Dayton, Ohio

Grenades!? started in 2010 and consists of Daniel, Mike, Andrew, Josh, and most recently: Tyler. The new year will push the quintet towards frequent writing and recording in the comfort of their rehearsal space & playing within a 5 hour radius of Dayton in between bouts of Super Smash Bros. and repeat viewings of MST3K/Regular Show. ... more

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Track Name: Introbang
Track Name: I'm Aware, Wolf
Suffered concussion out on the dust floor. You lost trust in the things you lust for. Why is your tolerance so diminished? Apart from circumstance, you’re half-finished.
Your tattered raincoat oh you talking so sow. It really hasn’t been that long now has it though? Where is the power lush we all used to know? He moved back home with his Dad about a year ago.
Is it responsibility or is it the first sign of old age? Cause you’re not too cool with being thirty and turning into something that you hate. Accept your role in the larger spectrum take that brass ring out of your septum.
Under the pressure of your own hand you’re screaming “WHOA! OH! OH!” but I don’t listen. Why you upset? You need a time-out? While you go through that I’ll have another round. Your knees and feet and legs work, your bitching sounds so absurd! So what’s another year cleared off your calendar? You say that you’re scraping all of your money together, at least you have enough to put towards some shelter
Is it responsibility or is it the first sign of old age? Cause you’re not too cool with being thirty and turning into something that you hate. Come to conclusions about your problem, Lord knows that I cannot solve them.
You lack the spine of intelligent design God wouldn’t waste a second of his precious time on you. Your two trick knees and flabby torso attached to your back connecting phantom shoulders. Darwin said it best with survival of the fittest; I don’t think that you could last another minute. Your brain is limited on its amount of focus. We’re witnessing the stages of a psychosis
Track Name: Starship Bloopers
I see you trying to talk to me tonight but I can’t stand the words that are coming out. If we could just both reach a compromise that neither of us care what you’re talking about?
You threw me off my game when you couldn’t remember my name. And its sad to see such a pretty face and a perfect figure go to waste.
I see you trying to talk to me tonight but I can’t stand the words that are coming out. If it was any other time I might. I have to ignore you when you scream so loud.
You’re all over the same topics like there’s not enough religion in politics. That’s OK, that’s your opinion, but it’s getting in the way of my drinking.
I see you trying to talk to me tonight but I can’t stand the words that are coming out. I see you trying to talk to me tonight but I can’t stand the words that are coming out.
I see you trying/ I see you trying to talk/ I see you trying to talk to me tonight.
I see you trying/ I see you trying to talk/ I see you trying to talk to me tonight.
Track Name: All the Good Teas Chai Young
From a distant place when rationale and reason cry out so loud that everyone hears it now, a made up future where ideas thrive and no one is considered weak. It’s not near perfect; some think it’s worthless. If everyone has a role who’s put in control? This concept won’t take off or survive. You should keep your outlook bleak.
Like you’re snowed in up to your eyelids. This is your life in a compromise.
Sometimes you have to be louder than every single one of your stupid friends and make an unpopular opinion to check and see if anyone is listening. You can be a lazy body or a strong voice. Make up your mind and make your choice. Either get out of the way or stay and make a small difference every day. Don’t sit by yourself and just complain. You can lay the tracks or wait for the train. Either be a whisper or a resounding noise. The world is made by men not boys.
That’s when you open your closed perception. This is your time make it worth the fight! Don’t give up hope, throw a rope and let them know they’re not alone. Make it the world you want. Plan an escape route from your predestined outcome. Pick up your bags and run away from home.
Track Name: Space Heater
Take off your clothes and have a smoke. Stare at the walls waiting for phone calls. You lie alone, you bitch and moan but isn’t there anyone who’ll listen? You’re so cold; it’s so cold your breath is showing. And I go on my own but you had the decency to wait up for me.
Wrapping infinitely wires wound around so tight. Warming you instantly, we left it on all night!
The next day awake in haze as you were rushing towards the front door. I tried to make you stay but you have errands that you can’t ignore. Did I say, did I say something to eager? And the heat in the bed sheets is depleting oh so rapidly.
After my walk of shame, I played it off all the same. Staring out into space with all the details of your face. The slope of your nose, the nape of your neck. When you hold that pose you look like you belong to the wind. Legs akimbo and your soft pale skin. You wanted some more neck support and I’m more than willing to make it worth the effort and to be more than I am.
I left you on all night.
Track Name: Working Title
Sweaty hands don’t understand just what they are stealing. (I’m not your friend)
They know why but they don’t try, or so they say. (I’m not your friend)
Cold hard cash and blind trust. They never ask, they gave up knowing we won’t see them again. (I’m not your friend)
We’re left with an empty bag. The questions hit like concrete slabs. They told me to not be your friend. (I’m not your friend)
You’re falling off my radar and you won’t stop or get far. I’ll control my feelings and my stress. (I’m not your friend)
Now I’ve found when you share space you’ll lose your shirt or your face. Stay strangers or endanger your place. (I’m not your friend)
Is it working now?
Don’t ask don’t beg don’t repeat what you said. I see you spread those lies over my head. That’s why we split we both had enough of this. You just won’t quit. I’ll let you reminisce.
Track Name: Performance Anxiety
There’s a see through bathrobe hanging off your neck and I suspect that you don’t want to go out a meet all of my friends; you want to stay in. That’s all right with me but let’s be calm and think of what this means. I don’t mind being young and dumb but it’s that other one I’m afraid of.
You wanna talk about my confidence. You really think I haven’t noticed it? But don’t worry don’t worry about it. This is something that I learned through perseverance.
You set up quite the scene. You give yourself up so easily. It’s not just how you breathe but how you keep eye contact with me. If you only knew how long it’s been you’d be more forgiving, but as I mentioned that’s just not who I am, no one night stands.
You wanna talk about my confidence? You really think that I give a shit? But don’t worry don’t worry about it. At least we had the best intentions
Track Name: Storage Unit
So have you heard about the deal? No one ever really cares to hear. A beautiful grace, nothing to feel, is it real or is it fear? Your attitude is yours to choose. I’ve got nothing really left to lose. So roll your eyes and hear me out. If it’s about yourself than shut your mouth.
Don’t let hope come and go. Take a hold and run the show.
Track Name: The Wines of New Zealand
The alarm left a ringing in my head. It took an army just to get me out of bed. 5 struggled with the blankets and bad breath. It’s not exhaustion but I wished that I was dead or somewhere else instead.
I had a shot after I skipped breakfast. I heard somebody talk about the wines of New Zealand. It was hard enough to get up and dressed. I don’t know how to stop or control my breathing. I think that means I should go to meetings.
I don’t have complaints. I’m just having a bad day. Everything was so great now I’m back at the start and I won’t cave.
Unless I’m feeling anxious, nervous, terrified, or provoked. It’s like a punch line to a really horrible joke. Can I get a hold of myself or someone can tough talk me into an asylum? Strap me down and beat out the demons and let me go when I feel like leaving?
I don’t have complaints. I’ve made plenty of mistakes. Everything is so strange. I was fast asleep now I’m wide-awake.
Now I’m wide-awake.
I spent time in the gutter watch my eyelids flutter. I couldn’t get it straight without a little taste. I know it’s not right to piss away my life. I wouldn’t be here now if I could slow down.
Track Name: Interrobang